Donate Yarn

Yarn Rescue – a service to you and your knitting friends.

The Guild will rescue yarn that is at risk of being thrown away or donated in some other way. Guild volunteers will make arrangements with you or your friends to pick up the yarn so you don’t have to haul it to a monthly meeting or otherwise manage it.

  • When you look at your stash, you might realize that there are some fabulous yarns that you have been safeguarding that will never see needles. Time to arrange for a yarn rescue.
  • You might be downsizing. The lawn and the long empty bedrooms have to go. You realize you have to move your stash, but there isn’t room for it all in your new smaller place. Time to arrange for a yarn rescue.
  • One of your friends has a relative who knit but has recently passed away. They know you knit and have asked you where they can donate yarn. Time to arrange for a yarn rescue.

If you think the yarn is good for Caps for Kids hats and scarves or for Boston Medical Center infant’s hats, blankets, cardigans or booties contact Shelley Leahy (shelleyleahy525 [at]

If there is a quantity of the yarn and it is auction quality contact one of this year’s members of the Auction Committee:

Aside: The yarn must be free of mold, bugs, smells or other off putting qualities.