2016 Calendar

October 20, 2016 – Guest speaker Steven Bergof StevenBe, Minneapolis says “Be inspired. Be brilliant. Be limitless.” Steven’s knitwear designs of ‘chunky funky’ creations have caught the attention of Hollywood celebrities and stylists.

Workshop with Steven Berg: Mix Your Six: A Game of Modifications 1–3pm $45

November 17, 2016 – Brooke Nico, of Kirkwood Knittery, St. Louis. A renowned lace knitting designer, author and teacher who will share with us her invaluable tips and tricks.

Workshop with Brooke Nico: Lovely Knitted Lace Lab 1–3pm $45
20 great tricks to bring your lace knitting to the next level.

December 8, 2016 Annual Holiday Party– Cookie Contest
Guest speaker, Carol MacDonald, Master Print Maker of Colchester,
Vermont invites us to view prints of and about knitting ‘Monoprints’ – works she prints from pieces that she has knit.

Guest Speakers and Work Shop Presenters

Kathryn Alexander
Pam Allen
Veronik Avery
Eleanor Bernat
Ann Tucker Blake
June Bridgewater
Debbie Brisson
Nancy Bush
Lily Chin
Katherine Cobey
John Colony
Linda Daniels
Judith Durant
Jill Eaton
Nicky Epstein
Kaffe Fassett
Jacqueline Fee
Norah Gaughan
Lori Gayle
Alan Getz
Robin Hansen
Louisa Harding
Ann Hood
Jacqui Katzenberg
Barbara Kerr
Dr. Perri Klass
Barry Klein
Stefan Kreutz
Alice Lamb
Melissa Leapman
Lucy Lee
Jane Livingston
Brandon Mably
Annie MacKay
Virginia McGlynn
Sally Melville
Kathleen Mitchell
Annie Modesitt
Lucy Neatby
Deborah Newton
Kristin Nicholas
Pamela Parmal
Cathy Payson
Betsy Perry
Linda Pratt
Dorothy Ratigan
Tracy Robinson
Wren Ross
Donald Scope
Carla Scott
Judith Shangold
Fronia Simpson
Adriene Sloane
Candace Eisner-Strick
Irena Taytslin
Barbara Walker
Nancy Weisman
Betz White
Ellen Wood